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Fast. Secure. Convenient. Environmentally Friendly – and Rewarding!

When you enroll in e-Statements through Internet Banking you will be able to receive, view, save, and print your bank statements online.  Experience the convenience of e-Statements by logging into Internet Banking and enrolling today!  Once you are enrolled in e-Statements for 90 days, you will receive a $10 deposit into your account – just our way of saying “thank you” for going green!


  • Fast – Access your e-Statement faster than waiting for your paper statement to arrive by mail.
  • Convenient – e-Statements are stored online for access at your convenience.
  • Secure – Securely log in to enroll.  You’ll receive an e-Statement notification email each month -24 hours before your bank statement is ready to view.
  • Environmentally friendly – e-Statements can eliminate over 16 pounds of paper a year!

How to Enroll in e-Statements

Current Internet Banking Customers

  • Log in to Internet Banking. Then, access e-Statement enrollment by clicking on “Profile” from the menu, then “Enroll in E-Statements”.
  • Check the boxes beside the accounts you would like to enroll and click “Submit”.  You may enroll any checking or savings account.
  • Click on “Profile” and “Change Info” to update your email address if necessary.
  • Welcome to e-Statements!  It’s that easy!

New Internet Banking Customers

  • If you are a not an Internet Banking customer, please complete the Internet Banking enrollment process here, then follow the steps above to enroll in e-Statements.

e-Statement Q & A

An Electronic Statement (“e-Statement”) allows Springfield State Bank Internet Banking customers to view an electronic version of their statement and checks instead of receiving a paper statement in the mail.  It is a faster and more environmentally friendly alternative than receiving a traditional paper statement.  It is also more secure since you must securely log in to view your statements – rather than your statement waiting by the highway in your mailbox!  By signing up for e-Statements you can help protect your identity by reducing the possibility of your statement being lost or stolen in the mail.

Q Will I continue to receive a paper statement in the mail?

A No.  By choosing e-Statements this discontinues the process of Springfield State Bank providing you with a monthly paper statement via regular mail.

Q Is my e-Statement information safe?

A Our customer’s privacy and security is a priority at Springfield State Bank.  Your e-Statement is stored on a secure server and delivered to your browser using 128-bit encryption.  It is protected by your password – which we trust you to keep secure.


Q Is there a fee for e-Statements?

A No, e-Statements are offered at no charge to Springfield State Bank customers.


Q What type of accounts are eligible for e-Statements?

A Checking and Savings accounts are eligible for e-Statements.  If you have a combined statement ALL of your accounts on the combined statement will be available for electronic viewing on your e-Statement.


Q When will I be able to access my first e-Statement?

A Choosing e-Statements is effective immediately.  The next statement you are scheduled to receive will be delivered via this method.  You will receive an e-mail notification one business day before your new e-Statement is ready to view.  At your convenience, you can log in, view, print, and save your statements as you wish.  Your statements will be available for 36 months.


Q Can I have my e-Statement notification sent to more than one email address?

A At this time your e-Statement notification can only be sent to ONE email address.


Q What if I change my email address?

A You can update your email address by logging into Internet Banking, select “Services” then select “Change Info” and update your email address.  Or contact a Springfield State Bank representative for assistance.


Q Who should I contact if I don’t receive my e-Statement notification or if I have forgotten my User ID?

A Please call any member of our Springfield State Bank team Monday-Friday at 859-336-3939.


Q Who should I contact if I have forgotten my password?

A By clicking on the “Forgot Password” button on the log-in page, your password will be delivered to your email address within minutes.  You may also call the bank for assistance.


Q How long will I have access to my e-Statements?

A Your e-Statements will be available for viewing for 36 months. You have the option to print and save your e-Statements on your computer so that they will be available for viewing for a longer period of time.


Q What if I would like to resume receiving paper statements?

A You may resume receiving paper statements by logging in to Internet Banking, select “Services” then “Enroll in e-Statements” and uncheck the box next to the accounts you wish to un-enroll.  You must remain enrolled in e-Statements for 90 days to receive the $10 reward.

Q What do I need to view my statement online?

A A PDF Viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

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