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How to Use Telephone Banking

Springfield State Bank’sHome Bank Line is so easy to use! Just dial 336-ASKUS (2758)

  • Your Security Code: During the first access to your account, your Security Code will be the last four digits of the Social Security Number that is primary on your account. Be sure to change the security code to a private number after your first access.
  • All options can be input via touch-tone or voice commands
  • Pressing the * key will allow you to reenter digits when entering numbers, OR say “stop”
  • Pressing # returns you to the main menu OR from the main menu, plays the closing message and ends the call.

Main Menu

  • For Account Information, press or say “1”
  • For Funds Transfer, press or say “2”
  • For Bank Information, press or say “3”For More Options, press or say “4”
  • To go back or cancel at any point during your call, press the * key

Account Information Menu

  1. Checking
  2. Savings
  3. CD’s
  4. IRA’s
  5. Loans
  6. * Go back or cancel

At this point, you will be prompted for your account number and Security Code. After your balance information is given you will have the following options for the account type you selected:

Checking & Savings Menu

  1. Withdrawal Information
  2. Deposit Information
  3. Funds Transfer (Loan payments are applied as interest due first, then principal.)
  4. Find a Transaction
    1. Search for a check by check number
    2. Search for a withdrawal by amount
    3. Search for a deposit by amount
    4. Cancel and return to previous menu
  5. More Options:
    1. Fax
    2. Balance
    3. Interest
    4. Change PIN
    5. Go Back/Cancel

Loan Menu

  1. Advances
  2. Payment
  3. Find transactions
  4. More Options:
    1. Fax
    2. Balance
    3. Interest
    4. Change PIN
    5. Go back or cancel

Other helpful tips:

OOPS! If you incorrectly enter your security code three times, your account will be locked for security reasons. Please call the bank if this occurs, to regain phone access to your account information.