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Telephone Banking

Springfield State Bank’s “Home Bank Line” Telephone Banking (859-336-2758) gives you the capabilities of banking any time of day and from any phone – Providing you with telephone access to your account information, while allowing you to perform transactions or inquiries from work, home or on the road. An easy to use menu system will walk you through every step of your phone call. Don’t worry about making a mistake. Just listen carefully and press the numbers or speak your command when instructed. If you get confused, predefined keys allow you to return to the main menu.

A carefully designed security system allows only YOU to access your account information. You will be able to access the same accounts as if you were across the counter from one of our personal bankers. Please remember to keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) confidential by not allowing others to use it. Each customer of the bank can access their own accounts by using their individual User ID’s and PIN numbers.

Through telephone banking, customers can do the following:


Deposit Account Services

  • Current deposit account balances
    • Interest Payment Information
    • Activity Summary since your last statement
  • Transaction Information
    • Search by check number
    • Search by check amount
    • List of transactions


Loan Account Services

  • Current Loan Balances
    • Interest Payment Information
    • Activity Summary since your last statement
  • Make a Loan Payment